Spatial Crowdsourcing

Name Description Reference
GeocrowdSyn A toolbox for generating synthetic spatial crowdsourcing datasets To be updated
mPing Weather crowdsourcing dataset includes locations of weather-related conditions, such as rain, snow, hail, wind damages, etc. To be updated

Spatial Mobile Video Data Management

Name Description Reference
Google Street View Geotagged Images To be updated To be updated
GeoUGV A geo-tagged user-generated video dataset. Each video file is accompanied with a metadata sequence of geo-tags such as GPS locations, compass directions, and spatial keywords at fine-grained intervals. Ying Lu, Hien To, Abdullah Alfarrarjeh, Seon Ho Kim, Yifang Yin, Roger Zimmermann and Cyrus Shahabi., GeoUGV: User-generated Mobile Video Dataset with Fine Granularity Spatial Metadata , In the Proc. of ACM Multimedia Systems, Dataset Track (MMSys), Klagenfurt am W├Ârthersee, Austria, 2016.

GeoSocial Networks

Name Description Reference
Gowalla, Brightkite To be updated To be updated
Yelp To be updated To be updated
Foursquare To be updated To be updated

Geo-tagged Data

Name Description Reference
Geo-tagged Tweets To be updated To be updated

Location Data

Name Description Reference
Gowalla_CA To be updated To be updated

Other datasets

Name Description Reference
Multivariate Time Series Source code and data
Kiyoung Yang and Cyrus Shahabi, A PCA-based Similarity Measure for Multivariate Time Series , The Second ACM International Workshop on Multimedia Databases (ACM-MMDB 2004) , pp 65 - 74 , ISBN:1-58113-975-6, Washington D.C., U.S.A., November 2004