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IMSC Aids in Creating Blockbuster Special Effects

X-Men 2


X-Men 2

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IMSC has developed exciting new software which allows for faster and easier integration of special effects into movies. The notable effects house Rhythm & Hues used this software with great success on several recent blockbuster films, including Daredevil and X-Men 2.

From the article:

"Fastrack is capable of tracking hundreds of features from one frame to another with sub-pixel accuracy in only a few seconds on a standard personal computer," said Eugene Vendrovsky, principal graphics scientist at Rhythm & Hues in Los Angeles, Calif. With the software, effects artists can process roughly 40 percent of movie shots without having to provide extensive input to the computer.

"This is a huge productivity leap for us," said Vendrovsky. "We are almost twice as productive thanks to Fastrack."

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