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Data-driven Oil Recovery (DOR)

With the recent advancements in sensing and data acquisition technologies, it is now economically viable to equip the oilfield assets, such as production wells and water/steam injection wells as well as oilfield facilities with multi-modal sensors for fine-monitoring of the oilfield. With DOR, we research, design and develop the data storage, access, querying and mining techniques that enable data-driven optimization of the oil recovery.


  • Increasing production
  • Reducing cost
  • Improving safety
  • Enabling better and faster decision-making by real-time information processing
  • Creating value by more proactive intervention


  • High-rate data streams
  • Multidimensional data
  • Large-scale datasets
  • Complex queries
  • Historical and real-time analysis





DOR is a research program under CiSoft (Center for Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies) is a USC-Chevron Center of Excellence for Research and Academic Training on Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies .





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