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  • A Microsoft-funded initiative at USC has developed a powerful new suite of Web service tools for science and commerce. read more... 


Proteus: A System for Dynamically Composing and Intelligently Executing Web Services

"Web services" is an emerging concept in information technologies, in which Web resources are queried at secondhand by special applications, rather than the now-familiar direct human-to-Web site interaction. 

An individual who wants to find an aerial photo of a building at a given address, for example, now must in separate steps find an appropriate Web service, then query into that service's interface, and use the information found to go to other services, eventually pulling out the needed information. A powerful tool that could flexibly automate processes like this -- locate and then automatically pull web information from many web services into custom-desired configurations -- would be useful for many scientific and high-level commercial applications.

The objective of this project is investigating approaches to design such tool to rapidly and efficiently composing new web services from diverse web services. Basically, there are two main challenges to achieve this objective. First, techniques (such as automatic web service discovery, plan generation and plan execution) are needed for efficient integration of multiple web sources. Second, as the system scales up and more and more web service objects (i.e., sources and their corresponding objects) are introduced, we need a scalable architecture to evenly distribute the load on our web-service. We are part of the Proteus project, which is a system to dynamically compose and execute plans that integrate web services. We are working on two subprojects within the Proteus project. One is on building web-services for fusing geospatial data types and the second one is on designing a distributed web service discovery system .


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Web application :

  • Building Finder

    Web application superimposes buildings queried from white page web sites and roads from tigerline files with the satellite imagery from Microsoft TerraService. The Building Finder application utilizes our tools to convert web sources into web services, the geocoder web service mentioned below, and automated conflation techniques to integrate building information with satellite imagery.

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