Residential Broadband Experiment

We have conducted a number of end-to-end video streaming playback tests between the Yima server in our lab and a client approximately 40 kilometers away.  The client was linked to the Internet through an ADSL connection.  The end-to-end raw bandwidth achieved was about 1Mbps.  Tests were performed using an MPEG-4 encoded movie with a frame size of 720 x 576 pixels and 25 frames per second (fps).  The stream required an average of 105 KB/s (840 Kb/s) bandwidth for both the video and audio layers.

Yima-1 end-to-end residential experiment (with DSL connection for "the last mile")

  • Roger Zimmermann, Kun Fu, Cyrus Shahabi, Didi Yao, Hong Zhu, Yima: Design and Evaluation of a Streaming Media System for Residential Broadband Services , VLDB 2001 Workshop on Databases in Telecommunications (DBTel 2001), Rome, Italy , September 2001