Current IMSC Projects




iCampus is a geospatial social networking web-portal for the USC community, which is being developed as a proof-of-concept system for the IMSC's vision of Geo-Immersion. We believe that iCampus can provide a new paradigm for people to share and access information on the web. more



Clever Transportation

Clever Transportation (CT) project is a real-world datadriven framework which enables real-time visualization, querying, and analysis of dynamic transportation systems. With CT, we particularly address the fundamental data management and visualization challenges in effective management of dynamic and largescale transportation data, and efficient processing of real-time and historical spatiotemporal queries on transportation networks. more




With the iWatch (short for "Intelligent Watch") Project we envision developing "more" intelligent surveillance system for a variety of applications, such as security surveillance, public health surveillance, traffic surveillance, etc. more



IMSC Faculty Projects