IMSC's strong commitment to academic and industrial collaboration and technology transfer ensures that the research pursued in the Center is relevant to Sponsors' needs, and that results are designed to advance their competitiveness in the global technological marketplace. Since its inception in 1996, many companies have participated in IMSC's Sponsor program, each lending a unique breadth and depth of expertise that, when combined with IMSC's research efforts, has further strengthened the Center's goals.

IMSC has developed a diverse program of collaboration and technology transfer that encourages joint Sponsor-IMSC research projects. Regular interactions between IMSC and Sponsors enable researchers to test technology breakthroughs in IMSC's extensive laboratories and advanced testbeds within the companies' own business atmosphere.

To address a spectrum of Sponsor needs, IMSC's Sponsor Program offers a range of levels of Sponsorship and licensing opportunities. Sponsor benefits include:

  • Participation on IMSC's Advisory Board and the ability to influence future research directions.
  • Joint research projects with IMSC faculty investigators and students.
  • Access to IMSC students and graduates with a cross-disciplinary systems perspective of the research and education experience.
  • A neutral ground to engage in productive interaction and collaboration with other Sponsors.
  • Participation in short-term courses provided by IMSC.
  • Participation in workshops, conferences and symposia focusing on IMSC's interested fields.

Sponsor Packages

IMSC Sponsors